Super Simple DIY Beach Chair Is Made from a Towel and Broomsticks

On a day at the beach, it's nice to have a chair along, but most beach chairs are a hassle- they're clunky and involve a lot more metal and material than is necessary. So it's nice to see this design, the "Sand Chair," by Tovdesign. It's super simple, made of only a towel, a rag, and four broomsticks.

Created by Tom De Vrieze, the Sand Chair is an open source design; really it's more of a DIY project than a marketable product. Sew four strips of cloth onto the back of the towel and insert the end of a broomstick in each. The sticks supporting the back of the chair will run parallel to one another into the sand; the other two will cross diagonally.

It's not an especially supportive chair; in fact, your butt will likely be on the sand. But it's enough to prop your back up; I find that much more comfortable for reading on the beach.

Apart from its simplicity and minimalism, the Sand Chair takes up no more room than your towel- which you can still use to dry off. I heartily approve.

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