Ross Lovegrove's Solar Trees: The Sequel

lovegrove solar trees on street photo

When I first saw Ross Lovegrove's proposal for solar trees, I thought the same as Sami : "often such concepts remain just that – concepts", particularly in light of some of Lovegrove's nuttier ideas that we have shown. However as Sami noted, they have hit the streets and passed the test.

Now Lovegrove is working on the sequel, the second generation solar tree, in which "The branches will follow the sun, responding and adapting to the architectural environment, escaping the shadows and following the sun to optimize energy income."

lovegrove solar tree in front of building photo

According to CNN, "When the sun goes down the solar trees will return to their original position to give off a full spectrum of light to the street and pedestrians below.

The new tree will also be able to respond to different weather, for example the branches will come together if the wind is too intense. Lovegrove also hopes to integrate an air purification bubble into the new trees, enabling them to clean the air around them, much like a real tree.

Christina Werner, director of the program in Vienna, said: "Someday soon solar trees could well be the main form of street lighting in Europe." ::CNN via ::Groovy Green
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