Riverside Design Group's Seaglass Dinnerware

There is no shortage of housewares made with earth friendly materials; Bamboo, paper composites, fairly traded ceramics, and even biopolymers are popping up everywhere. But too often, the best word to encapsulate all these products is... tan. If you've been on the lookout for some dinnerware with environmental sensibility, but that doesn't offend your oh-so-chic loft lifestyle, and need for color, Riverside Design's got you covered.Their Seaglass line of plates, chargers, and bowls is a playful take on the brightly colored surf-rounded glass bits you collected as a kid. Now you can bring those memories to your table with this collection, available in matched sets that combine 3-4 of the studio's 12 recycled glass colors. You can find them online at Pangaya, or in fine galleries all over the US and Canada.
:: Seaglass Tableware [by DM]