Richard Sweeney - Paper Sculptures


We do love being spoilt by Inhabitat's constant ability to bring us new and beautiful eco design and architecture. This weekend is no different with Sarah Rich's post on Richard Sweeney. This 22 year old British artist/designer has recently won the New Designers DKNY Award for his extraordinarily beautiful paper sculptures. Made from repeated elements of folded paper Sweeney's creations combine clean lines and minimalist white paper with extremely complex decorative forms. Richard says, "I'm highly influenced by natural form; structures in nature are very efficient, the maximum is achieved using the least material and energy possible. Growth patterns produce forms that appear very complex, yet have a basic underlying principle." The judges of the DKNY award said, "Beautifully hand crafted structures with multiple installation possibilities." You can see Richard's sculptures on show at from September 15th at the DKNY Exhibition, 27 Old Bond Street, London. Via: Inhabitat :: Richard Sweeney See more images of Sweeney's work on Flickr