Revisiting Fresh2 CFLs: Light Your Life and Clean the Air Too


We were so excited to read about Fresh2 bulbs- two favourite TreeHugger subjects, CFLs and Titanium Dioxide, rolled into one. Then we did the obligatory search of the archives and Domenic had posted on them way back in February, 2005, when they still did posts with a slate and chisel. We thought it worth repeating because in those two years CFL's have gone mainstream and Titanium Oxide is finding its way into everything from concrete to floor tiles. Putting it onto light bulbs makes so much sense; it is a "photocatalytic reaction when exposed to the fluorescent light. This reaction releases electrons, or negatively charged particles. At the same time, a positively charged hole is formed in its place. This combination of negative and positive creates a very strong oxidizer called the hydroxide radical. Odors that come into contact with the positively charged holes are broken down by these oxidizers into odorless compounds." It is a wonderful idea and the testing shows it to be effective, and we wonder why they have not caught on. Can it just be that they are ten bucks each? ::Fresh2

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