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Three years ago we ran a piece on and their cloth shopping tote bag. In a world rife with product churn (out with the old, in with the new) it's pleasing to see they still offer the exact same bag for hauling your groceries without need of plastic or paper carry bags.

What has changed, however, is their name. Now they go by the moniker of, partly because they're supplying much more than just bags. These days the company is working on becoming a bit of one-stop-shop for all manner of reusable containers and related products. The philosophy behind the bags, (of practical, durable, safe, and made with accordance to Fair Labor and/or Fair Trade practices) has been extended to bottles, lights, food containers, utensils, and the like.

Here we sample just a small selection of the reusable products on offer. Reuseable gift wrap made of organic cotton. A bread bin that expands or collapses to accommodated different sized loaves. A solar-powered torch that also has a back-up ripcord style hand powered dynamo. TreeHugger founder Graham Hill's homage to a an iconic paper coffee cup with a reusable ceramic version. A soup sized lunch vacuum flask. A reuseable, cleanable, lunch wrap for protecting sandwiches and the like. Collapsible grocery baskets and reusable organic cotton panty liners. And way more besides.

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Not content to be sourcing a wide collection of multiple use household products also embraces the larger picture for a saner future. To whit they've donated over $200,000 USD to non-profits "committed to real change." This is additional to their contributions to 1% For the Planet.

In recognition of their work to reduce consumption of wasteful, single-use, disposable products, has thrice been a nominee for Green America's Green Business of the Year, scoring a win in 2007. Even the traditional business community have taken notice, with Inc. Magazine ranking them at number 153 on their 2009 list of the Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the USA.

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