Retro Office in a Suitcase Is Clad in Riveted Aluminum

When you work at home and live in a small space, it is sometimes hard to ever get away from your desk. That's why we love transformer furniture that goes away when you are done, and liked Restoration Hardware's giant Mayfair steamer trunk, shown in our slideshow 10 Transformer Home Offices That Disappear When Your Work Is Done.

But if you don't like the leather look from the last century, you can now get it in retro aluminum.

Inspired by the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid-20th-century aircraft, this trunk is clad in a patchwork of polished aluminum panels accented with exposed steel screws. Rounded corners and inset drawer pulls give it sleek, aerodynamic lines.

Where the earlier version wanted to be on a train, this one definitely wants to be on a DC3.

Aluminum has a matte finish that's slightly distressed for a vintage look; intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections are to be expected and add to the character and uniqueness of each item.

Is $3650 for a desk in a suitcase silly? Not if it lets you do without a whole room by folding up your office at the end of a day. More at Restoration Hardware; Found at TrendsNow

blackhawk suitcase desk closedRestoration Hardware/Promo image

Retro Office in a Suitcase Is Clad in Riveted Aluminum
Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is Another Transformer Home Office that Disappears When Your Work Is Done

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