Retro Door Stops

A doorstop shaped like a chicken sounds crazy but looks very funky. Made out of vintage fabrics from the 50's, 60's and 70's; these doorstops add a touch of retro colour and pattern to your home. Since they are made out of material in a bunch of different colours and designs, you can pick a theme from your favourite decade to go with your decor. They are created by Refab, an environmentally conscious company that uses reclaimed, recycled organic and biodegradable materials wherever possible. They also design those long snake-shaped things that lie on the floor, at the foot of the door, to keep out the cold winds. The English call them "snake draught excluders" but surely we have a shorter name? Whatever they are—they stop the drafts and that's what's important. All come flat, and you fill them with shavings, sand, or rice. :: Refab

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