Reform Furniture at Vivavi


Vivavi has a sleek new collection of furniture from Reform, and it's fabulous. The Frog Table (left) is made from a single sheet of 1/4" aluminum and created without any hardware or adhesives. The minimalist modern form is shared with the accompanying A1 Chair (center), and both are material efficient, 100% recyclable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Teocha Table (right) is made of bamboo, which helps soften the minimal metal aesthetic of the previous pieces. Finished with non-toxic, water-based adhesives, the table is based on the idea that two planes is better than one, and we'll have to agree. These three products are just a sampling of what Reform has up their sleeves, though it's all based on the same ethos. They require that all product materials be biodegradable and/or fit within a continuous cycle of use. The post-consumer path of its products is designed to stay out of landfills and incinerators. that business can be a platform for positive change is accompanied by a strong commitment to local economies and building a network of likeminded individuals and businesses. Reform also advocates pricing that makes transparent the true cost of a product, without any hidden fees billed to society and the environment. Take a look at the entire collection. ::Vivavi