Reelight: Electrodynamic Bike Lights


In the past few days the eco-design network O2 has seen a robust little discussion about the wind powered bicycle light that we featured a couple of months ago. What interests us however, was the titbit that emerged of a new bike light that hasn’t yet graced our pages: the Reelight. Mount a couple of high-powered, neodynium magnetic arcs to your spokes, and every time these whiz past the LED lamps secured to the tip of your forks, electromagnetic induction generates light. Cool. And the beauty of this method, is that unlike rim mounted dynamos, there is no friction required, nor are polluting batteries needed. Though it would seem, at first glance, to suffer the same time-worn dilemma as dynamos: no motion = no light. Not so safe for sitting still at traffic lights. That issue aside it would appear to be a worthy solution to increased bike safety. Are said to be mountable with a wrench and screwdriver. €18 for a either a front or back lamp and magnets, or €34 for the pair. Out of Denmark’s Copenhagen, but distributors and dealers are welcome to apply. ::Reelight.