Recycled Rays: Liquor Bottle Lights

There aren't that many opportunities to blend your affinity for liquor with interior lighting solutions. Enter Recycled Rays, a small Illinois-based company that makes accent lights from recycled booze bottles. We've covered this kind of thing before, though haven't run across many with this kind of branding. It might make a fun gift for the martini enthusiast on your list; there are myriad other bottle options for any rum, tequila or wine drinkers out there. More of a single malt fan? They've got those too, though the Vox bottle is our favorite for its lines and groovy reflection patterns. There is a 20 percent discount available for all Recycled Rays products if you link from Just What I Wanted. Price varies by bottle; Vox Vodka is US $37, available at their website. Thanks to Ryan for the tip! ::Recycled Rays via Just What I Wanted.