Record-Breaking CFL Sales from UK Retailer

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January CFL Sales Beat Whole of 2006
Times may be hard, but people are still willing to fork out money if it saves them energy in the long run. CFLs are being adopted at an astounding rate in the UK, at least if the latest press release from the Together Campaign is anything to go by:
Britain’s biggest retailer has reported record sales of energy saving light bulbs at the start of 2009, as cash-strapped consumers look for new ways to reduce household bills. In the month of January, Tesco sold 4.5m energy saving bulbs, their biggest ever monthly total and more than double the number they sold in the entire year of 2006. A single energy saving light bulb can save up to £6 a year in energy costs and changing all the bulbs in the average home can deliver a saving of around £50. The 4.5m bulbs sold in January will save a total of £11m from household energy bills.

Energy saving bulbs also have significant environmental benefits. As part of their commitment to climate change campaign Together, Tesco have been heavily discounting energy saving bulbs since 2007, and January’s offers included the opportunity to buy 5 bulbs for only 40p. The bulbs sold in January alone will help reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions by almost 50,000 tonnes a year, the equivalent to taking 20,000 cars off the road.

From Wal Mart selling 100 million compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to Yahoo's campaign, TreeHugger is no stranger to efforts to phase out incandescent light bulbs in favor of their more efficient fluorescent cousins. Every now and then we even hear murmurs of banning the bulb, though not without a backlash in the comments from those of a more libertarian persuasion. Ban or no ban, incandescents may just become a thing of the past. More details on these record-breaking CFL sales over at The Guardian. And check out Planet Green's guide on How to Green Your Lighting for more bright ideas.

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