Reassemble the Mosspink Sofa From Brühl (Video)



The whole Brühl family gets involved in the display of the award-winning MossPink sofa in the German design section; it was designed by Kati Meyer-Brühl and is occupied by Anna Meyer-Brühl, who demonstrates its functions in the video.

The back of the sofa is made from removable pieces so you never get bored; just rearrange them into a new sofa whenever you want to.


They also build it from solid, sustainably harvested materials:

All production methods are based on ecological principles, using lasting materials, low in harmful substances, even involving recycling processes. Well-lit, ergonomically designed work-places and integrated work processes help to create upholstered furniture of long-lasting value. At brühl, product concepts and design are governed by environmental concerns. Environmental friendliness is built into our customer- friendly products. For this commitment, brühl was awarded the Bavarian Environmental Medal for its special contribution to environmental protection and the furtherance of the State of Bavaria.


More information at Brühl.
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