Rais Gabo Wood-burning stove


We know what you're thinking. Woodburning? Treehugger?But if you like the idea of curling up next to a cozy hearth while the silent snow is coming down all around, and you hate the country-kitchen look of most wood-burning stoves, and you especially hate the idea of releasing noxious pollutants into the atmosphere just so you can enjoy a littl old-fashioned homey comfort, then Rais, the new generation in wood-burning stoves, is likely for you. The double-chambered burning compartment works with an adjustable air control, which ensures that the wood burns clean (efficiencies range from 71 to 74%, compared to about 10% for a regular fireplace). The firebox geometry and the computer designed baffle system control the correct mixture of air and smoke gases, which virtually eliminate (through secondary burning) any excess particulate (pollution) and produce a clean burn. In Denmark (where these stoves are made) wood-burning stoves must not produce any more carbon dioxide than if the wood were left to rot in the forests, so these meet those standards. Still can't see yourself burning wood? Lucky for you, there's a gas version. Made from steel and Finnish soapstone and EPA-certified. With an American outlet in Pound Ridge, NY. ::Raiswittus