Quantum Dots Make LED Lightbulbs Emit More Pleasant Light

led light quantum dots photo

Photo: Mark Lennihan
Improving the Light Quality of LED Lightbulbs
LED lights have been working on overcoming two challenges: Generating pleasing light, and being low-cost. QD Vision and Nexxus Lighting have been working together on the first of these. Nexxus made LED lamps with white LEDs, and QD Vision is providing a cover with a coating of specially tuned quantum dots that help make the light-color more pleasing to the eye (mostly by adding some red into the mix, making the final result closer to what people are used to).
led lightbulb quantum dots photo

Photo: Mark Lennihan
QD Vision writes on its website:

What are quantum dots and why are they important? Quantum dots are nanometer-sized, inorganic crystals that create light when stimulated with photons or electrons. QD Vision is harnessing the light-emitting qualities of quantum dots with the Quantum Light™ producct platform, an environmentally friendly, nanocrystal-based technology for displays and solid-state lighting. The Quantum Light™ product platform will deliver unparalleled color and brightness and require less power than current-generation technologies for consumer electronics products, flat-panel displays, electronic signage, solid state lighting, and national security applications.

A Significant Improvement
This isn't perfect yet, but it's getting there. The color rendering index of QD's quantum dot coating is 90, compared with the 70s for the LEDs without the optic. Sunlight has a color rendering index of 100, and standard incandescent lightbulbs about 99.

This is important because about 1/5 of all the energy generated worldwide is used for lighting.

Nexxus sells a non-quantum-dotted version of the LED lights. You can check out the site here, but it's probably best to wait for the enhanced version if you're planning to it where color quality is important.

Via AP, Technology Review
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