Q&A;: Window Coverings

We received an email from Treehugger reader Jack W. inquiring about window coverings, shades or blinds. It's a great question, Jack, since those "budget-friendly" mini blinds are not only low quality but can also contain lead in the plastic. We did some research and found a site with all-natural bamboo blinds at a competitive price. The Jiangsu Blinds at WindowDesigner.com are sturdy, durable and are available in a few different colors. They are more stable and harder than wood and purchasing bamboo helps save our trees, which of course we love. As far as curtains, we'd recommend checking out Rawganique who we've featured before. They have attractive window treatments made from, you guessed it, 100% organic hemp that is naturally resistant to UV rays and won't break down in the sun. Also included in your purchase are the 100% macramé hemp rings. Available in eight different colors and four different sizes. We also recommend Anna Sova who designs 100% organic cotton drapery, depending on your style. We hope this helps and thanks for the inquiry! ::WindowDesigner.com ::Rawganique ::Anna Sova