Prairie Fish — Green Inside


We recently had a US enquiry seeking a designer or firm for the interior design of a retail store. "Really want someone who will take a fresh approach while still understanding our aesthetic/message and work with sustainable materials." While I'm sure there are plenty in the field these days, my immediate thought was of Prairie Fish, a Chicago based consulting firm that specialises in the "design of products, interiors and environments." Happened upon them back in 1993, when mainstream green design was pretty embryonic. They seem to be still thriving. Projects include the Real Goods Retail Store, that serves "as an example to customers and other retailers that environmentally benign materials can be used in interior design and fixturing, with no detrimental effect to the desired aesthetic." And the Hallmarks Cards stores using wheat, plantation poplar, and water based inks. Or the Ben and Jerry Scoop Shops that employed the likes of recycled glass tiles and linoeum. Through to Patagonia underwear racks fabricated from recycled lumber (and alas some MDF, tsk tsk.) ::Prairie Fish.PS. Last year Display and Design Ideas (DDI) ran a three part story on what they termed The Coming Green Boom in green retail design, suggesting it "may be the wave of the future".