Neat Recycled Paper and Cardboard Interior at South African Design Shop in Buenos Aires

Interior of The President Pop Up Shop with Recycled Paper and Cardboard Photo© Paula Alvarado

South African design stars Hannerie Visser and Peet Pienaar, who run the studio The President, came to Buenos Aires five years ago and --in part thanks to some work they began doing for regional brands such as MTV; they kept returning.

They now divide their time between the Argentine capital and Cape Town connecting the two cities with projects such as the magazine Paris - Fading like a childhood memory, which focuses on "trends, design and lifestyle in the South and how it influences the world we live in." (South referring to the Southern hemisphere, which Argentina and South Africa of course share.)

Detail of the Shelves with Books Framed by Cardboard and Paper Decorations Photo© Paula Alvarado

Plastic Stools Also Covered with Colorful Recycled Paper Photo© Paula Alvarado

Last year they brought the Toffie Pop Culture festival and this year they opened a shop at the hip Patio del Liceo gallery.

Detail of the Shelves with Cups Framed by Cardboard and Paper Decorations Photo© Paula Alvarado

Detail of a Doll Framed by Cardboard and Paper Decorations Photo© Paula Alvarado

The space, which sells beautiful West African fabrics along with books, international magazines and imported parfums, was set with a very low impact ephemeral interior design using recycled cardboard and paper.

A cool space which can also serve as inspiration for paper decorating ideas.

Looking Up to the Ceiling at the Paper and Cardboard Decorations Photo© Paula Alvarado

The Gallery in Which the Shop is Located Photo© Paula Alvarado

Visser and Pienaar also announced the arrival of their pop up restaurant CHOP, which is open for the Argentine summer offering dishes with a South African twist.

More on the shop at The President's Facebook page.

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