Pod People Taking Over London For Olympics

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When TreeHugger founder Graham Hill was planning his LifeEdited project, his program called for guest accommodation. He also wanted real acoustic privacy and a way to keep cool. I suggested at the time that he consider a bed like you find in a Japanese pod hotel- a tiny little soundproofed, insulated air conditioned pod.

Now engineer John Gray has designed PodTime, " a sleep pod [that] has a wide range of uses but essentially offers a sanctuary for rest in an otherwise busy environment." It is a relatively inexpensive (£1,375) prefabricated pod that comes with lockable doors, a magazine shelf, LED lighting and what Wired describes as "the special kind of burrowing thrills you can usually only get from an MRI."

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They are being snapped up by companies like data centres that need to keep going through the upcoming Olympics. Jon Gray explains in a press release:

Everyone working in central London will feel the challenging side-effect of the Games, and the organisations they work for will face operational issues with employees being stuck in queues rather than being in the office. We see the sleeping pods as a good cheap solution for those ‘staff-critical’ companies which must have 24/7 cover for vital procedures.

The pod is vented at each end and isn't insulated, so it wouldn't work for Graham. But it sure beats a cot in the corner or a bunk bed in a hostel. More at PodTime.

Pod People Taking Over London For Olympics
Why commute home when you can have a pod at work?

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