Pillow Talk

It’s good looking, cosy and nice to snuggle up to. It’s also (eco)friendly, soft and rich-looking. What is it about pillows that is so irresistible...These cushions are made of old sweaters. They are all one-offs, recycled, of course, and have vintage buttons and crotcheted flowers on them. Perfect for the boudoir…Or what about cushions made from recycled vintage shirts and ties. Each one is individually created from locally found materials in second hand stores. Every man will recognise at least one of his old ties in this pillow. Another is made from woven end-of-line seatbelts. They are cleverly stitched so that there are no zippers or seams and are filled with duck feathers. The felt cushions, in bright primary colours are made from 100% pure wool from the Netherlands. The cushions come filled with a revolutionary new eco fibre called Ingeo. Made from cornstarch this is a biodegradable material that will disintegrate harmlessly into the ground at the end of its life. The alpaca cushions come from Peru. The luxurious wool is hand spun, woven and dyed in a rural women’s cooperative. Each cushion is hand finished by UK designers in their London workshop.