Pedal Pod Does More Than Just Store Your Bike

Like garden sheds for architects, bicycle storage racks appear to be the new entry drug for designers; They are not too big and complex, and certainly are getting a lot of airplay these days.

They serve such a useful function in smaller urban apartments, where one can't leave the bike on the street, but you don't want it taking up too much floor space inside. Also, for many people, the bike is probably their most expensive and beautiful possession, the modern update on the shiny car in the driveway. It deserves a place of honour.

Here's British designer Tamasine Osher's version. In addition to nicely displaying the bike, it provides storage space for other posessions.

The designer writes about her work:

The intention is to rekindle the human relationship with objects, encouraging an interaction of the visual with the tactile, expressing the simplicity of materials and honest construction - perhaps to stimulate curiosity
and awaken emotions using contrasting forms and elements.

Using organic forms and historical elements to direct the essence of her designs, she exploits the fundamental properties of materials and translates them into lyrical and thought provoking pieces of furniture. Her original training as an architect enables her to work within different scales, encompassing a wide variety skills and the use of different materials.

She has really nice bikes, too. More at Tamasine Osher , discovered on Architizer

Pedal Pod Does More Than Just Store Your Bike
Perfect for small spaces: Another way to hang your bike on the wall and have a bit of storage left over.

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