Paula Dib's Trans.forma "Social Design"


Brazil has a lot of history on designers joining poor artisan communities to develop new products that can enhance and add value to their crafts: just check some of our previously featured Oficina Nomade, Discovered In and Coopa Roca. This time around we found Paula Dib, the author of the designs on the picture above, who claims to make "social design". The designer says she aims to join "the 'emergent Brazil'" and "the 'regional Brazil'" -two extremes of society separated by social and economic barriers- through design "developing products that can improve the income and self-esteem of the communities, recognizing the values of regional and cultural Brazilian identities". Even though she doesn't have a vast collection, we thought it was worth showing these rustic yet neat trays and flowerpots and note the effort. To contact her or acquire the products, check the "Contact" section at her website. ::Trans.forma design