Passive Emergency Lighting

A New Zealand company, ecoglo, is by their own account becoming the world leader in passive emergency lighting. The patented ecoglo technology bakes a photoluminescent material into an aluminum extrusion. The product requires no energy to run, thus it can work in a complete power outage, and can be used to replace emergency lighting. They company thinks that their line of products can also significantly reduce construction costs, and they go the extra mile to make sure their products apply to legal codes around the world. Ecoglo has found a home in stadiums, theaters and other public arenas down under. *Their product is non-radioactive and non-toxic, and responds to both indoor and outdoor (sun) lighting. I think a good at home application might be to put it on the steps down to my grandmother's cellar. (*Special thanks to the comments section for making sure I'm on my toes) ::ecoglo [by T. McGee]