Pasion Argentina's North Indian Weaves

Luckily, the words 'responsible business' are starting to sound common to us, as more small enterprises are starting to take this way in many industries. Well, in that matter, Pasion Argentina's idea is nothing new, but the fact that northern Argentina's indian communities are getting benefited from it, just makes it for this post. Whichi indian communities in the provinces of Chaco, Salta y Formosa were left aside or taken advantage of, as many other indian communities around the world, till they got Andrea Prado's proposal: to make their weaving for her for a much better price than a bag of potatoes, which was what they were getting for it.
In her products, the weaving is introduced into furniture, clothing and all sorts of accessories, making it more modern and appealing. We must point that she could go more eco on the materials, as some clothes are from real leather, but maybe it's the next step to take.
Some other alternatives of sustainable fashion featured in Treehugger include Butterfly Creations Silk Textiles and Gabriel Scarvelli Beaded Fashions. ::Pasion Argentina. [by Paula Alvarado, from Buenos Aires]