Package Lamp By David Gardener Leaves No Waste


University of Brighton graduate David Gardener presented his Package Lamp at New Designers in London recently. This lamp is made of pulp packaging material, and is both the shipping box and the finished lamp.


The Designer tells Dezeen: "The Packaging lamp was first inspired from my observations of how much packaging material is wasted from every new product bought," explains Gardener. "The idea is to eliminate this waste material by including it all in the final product."


The pulp structure starts off as the packaging to house the bulb plug wire and socket. When opened, the user removes these electronic parts and repositions them back in the pulp structure in their correct positions where it actually becomes the structure of the lamp, leaving no waste packaging to be thrown away.


The process of molding paper pulp can produce beautifully molded shapes. Due to machinery restrictions the lamps are all hand made, unlike the pulp packaging that is used in the packaging industry. The middle section of the lamp is created to look like a standard turned wood stand, but in fact the shape is entirely determined by the electronic components that are packaged in it during transport. ::Dezeen

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