Pacific Rim Sustainable Beds

Pacific Rim Sustainable BedsPacific Rim Woodworking is a company in Eugene, Oregon, which makes sustainable beds and other furniture. They use Pacific Coast Maple grown in managed forests in Washington and Oregon. They hand rub each piece with their own finish, which includes tung oil and beeswax. The "Arts and Crafts" bed pictured here sells for $524-$700 from Abundant Earth, for example.About their work habits, Pacific Rim says:

We strive to use every possible board foot of maple, donating the smallest off-fall to local schools and community centers for woodshop projects or low-income families for heat during the winter months. Recycling bins can be found in our offices, lunchroom and shop. Our sawdust is recycled into compost at a local lawn and garden center. We have a strict maintenance schedule for our machinery to minimize replacement needs and often opt to fix a machine rather than replace it. In cases where replacement is necessary, we scour the secondary markets for the perfect "gently used" tool.

:: Pacific Rim WoodWorking

[by Justin Thomas]


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