Pablo Designs Brazo LED Task Light


Combining precise control with some pretty suave looks and the efficiency of LEDs, Pablo Designs' Brazo task lamp proves we can have our cake and eat it, too. The desk lamp has 18 fully dimmable LEDs in a tube that rotates 360 degrees, meaning you can have just as much light as you want, just about wherever you want it. The super-efficient LEDs -- the exact energy consumption isn't listed, oddly -- are rated for 25,000 hours of life.

Designed by Pablo Pardo, the futuristic-looking lamp carries an equally futuristic price tag of $400 -- ouch! Being an early adopter has a price -- but we like all the different options the dimming and twisting provide. And to help reduce the sticker shock just a bit, remember that you'd probably buy and burn out 25 or 30 incandescent light bulbs in those 25,000 hours (we know, small consolation). Get all the specs [PDF] on the slick lamp, join us in waiting for the price to come down, and hit the jump to get up close and personal. ::Pablo Designs via ::Organic Spa Magazine and check out a great hands-on review over at ::Jetson Green



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