Osram LED Saver Light

LEDs are becoming so commonplace we’ll soon have to stop writing about them, because they will have lost their freshness in the design world. But until then here is a companion tool to those roadside emergency flares we covered once or twice, aeons ago. This time around, it is 12 flashing, long lasting Light Emitting Diodes inside a torch (flashlight) that has 3 strong magnets, so it can be stuck to the roof of car, in event of accident. (or maybe if you're late for work and stuck in traffic, you can just pretend you're a CSI car en route to a crime scene!) The torch is also designed such that it can cut through jammed seat belt webbing and be used as a hammer to smash car windows. Oh, and it functions as regular flashlight as well. The world’s third largest lighting supplier has a bunch of other LED models too. ::Osram LEDs