Ornamentum Furniture's Monolith Series

Wheatboard and recycled paper surfaces have their place, but sometimes you really just want good old-fashioned wood. Enter Ornamentum Furniture. Whenver possible, Ornamentum uses sustainably harvested wood certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, and since it’s hand-made to order, manufacturing emissions are kept to a minimum. The simple lines of the Monolith dresser, designed by......Grant Wyllychuk, emphasize the natural beauty of the wood (We can’t wait to see the matching bed, but ’til then, we’ll take the Geta bed on the designer’s advice). Monolith is available in maple, oak, or eco-certified red cedar, and the drawer/cabinet units can made in configurations varying from a low buffet to a tall chest of drawers. The one pictured is $4800 Canadian, which works out to about $4000 if you’re south of the border. ::Ornamentum [by KK]