More Big Plans for CFLs

CFLs seem to have captured many people's imaginations in a big way: from Wal-Mart to ENERGY STAR to Mr. Luna, both institutions and individuals have taken on the challenge of getting lots of CFLs into American homes. Another player joined this push in November: One Billion Bulbs. This effort by Newton, Massachusetts-based software and database applications developer Symmetric Technologies is pretty simple and self-evident:
The goal of is to be a catalyst for positive, meaningful environmental change by:
  • educating people about the environmental and economic benefits of replacing standard incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs
  • encouraging a large number of people to replace standard incandescent light bulbs with CFL light bulbs
While it's goals are similar to other bulb campaigns, One Billion Bulbs plans to create buzz and get bulbs changed through an internet-only (or internet-mostly) approach. Their first effort at building a bulb-changing viral machine involves a cost-savings calculator that webmasters can install on their sites and blogs. They've also got the usual web activism tools: banners and email.

Their first phase involves getting 10,000 bulbs changed in the US: according to site's milestone map, Idaho (of all places) is the closest to reaching the phase one goal (it's 75% of the way there), while Alabama has registered the highest number of changed bulbs (60). We're still a ways from a billion, but every effort counts in the overall challenge to reduce the carbon footprints of our homes and businesses. via jfoster100 at Hugg