One Earth One Design


One Earth One Design is a Seattle-based interior design firm that specializes in sustainable residential and commercial design. Proprietor Sandy Campbell brings 18 years of interior design experience to the company, that, in addition to offering services that any good TreeHugger would expect (non-toxic, non-polluting, low environmental impact products and interiors), has recently opened up a retail store (pictured) that offers these sorts of products and ideas without undertaking a remodel or hiring their interior design services. Looks like they'll be using the space to host some "how to green your home"-type events; the next one is on December 2, for holiday decorating, tree choices gift wrapping and gift buying with a TreeHugger twist. Check out their photo gallery for examples of their work and inspiration for greening your home's interior; looks like the kind of place we'd want to swing by after a stop at Environmental Home Center. ::One Earth One Design

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