Bucketlight grows plants to liven up green-starved offices

Roderick Vos
© Roderick Vos

Indoor office environments are typically known for their bloodless, fluorescent-lit and cubicled labyrinths rather than for lush, green interiors. Thankfully, we know that offices can and should be tweaked to promote worker health and productivity -- and usually the most cost-effective way to go is to put in some kind of living greenery.

Dutch designer Roderick Vos combines the visual delight of potted plants with lighting in his Bucketlight design, which is made to hang above the work environment to give a more vibrant atmosphere.

Roderick Vos© Roderick Vos
Roderick Vos© Roderick Vos

Seen over at MocoLoco, Vos describes the idea behind Bucketlight, which also doubles as a way to hide all those pesky computer cords:

On my opinion the presence of plants bring a positive change to the working environment. Moreover, plants have a positive effect on the sense of wellbeing. Tropical plants emit oxygen, clean the air and increase productivity. Because we did not have enough floor space at our office and showroom, and were in desperate need of light, the ‘Bucketlight’ was born. And this concept gave us a second opportunity. We created sockets in the objects enabling us to connect our computers our workstations avoiding heaps of tangled cords.

Roderick Vos© Roderick Vos
Roderick Vos© Roderick Vos

Made with powder-coated, rust-resistant cast aluminum, Bucketlight will add some verdant ambience to the workplace, though we do wonder how tedious it will be to water those high-flying plants. More information and pricing over at Roderick Vos' website.

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