The office of the future may well look like a giant rock

M Hulot looks from escalator
© M Hulot looks from escalator via Designboom

I wonder what Monsieur Hulot would have thought about this concept for the office of the future shown on Designboom, commissioned by the Netherlands' chief architect to respond "to the notion that being continually seated throughout the day is bad for you, and portrays a landscape of possibilities for upright working."

Designed by visual artist Barbara Visser and RAAAF, the office dispenses with the traditional desk and instead "offers its users the chance to find the optimal position to complete their duties throughout the day." It is being built later this year in Amsterdam.

Outstanding Landscape of Affordances from RAAAF on Vimeo.

I have tried to make the case on TreeHugger that adjustable height standing desks are an expensive mistake, and that with our technology getting smaller and lasting longer without needing to be plugged in, that you can just move from on place to another and that the desk itself is obsolete. Your office is where you are. That seems to be the operating principle here. This could well be the office of the future. More on Designboom

M Hulot and office of the future, 1966M Hulot and office of the future, 1966/Screen capture

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