Odd Drawers for your odd socks


You ever found that you got too many drawers to know what to do with? Well actually me neither, but there are a few designers out there who are coming up with ways to recycle assorted draws into functional and beautiful furniture. We kind of liked their mix and match aesthetic. However we’re not recommending that you actually spend your hard earned cash on them since they are ridiculously expensive, but perhaps it might give you DIYers out there some inspiration.Many of you might have seen the iconic Droog design by Tejo Remy (3.) where he created a chest of drawers from literally a pile of odd drawers tied together with a thick cord. This kind of design obviously cannot be manufactured which is precisely the reason we like it. This one off piece has come to exemplify a contemporary approach to design, using found objects and creating something familiar but entirely different from them. It’s a chest of drawers, but not as we know it! Remy’s design is a great idea and great recycling – just what we need more inspiration to do it ourselves. On another level completely is the "Dreams In A Drawer," project by Zwickers (2.). They are a husband-wife design team who collect vintage and antique drawers. This six-drawer chest looks very lovely, mixing minimal and antique aesthetics, but the idea of spending $5,670 on a plexiglass case in which to put your found drawers seems a bit crazy to us! The most commercial idea we’ve found so far is by the Barcelona designer Curro Claret (1.). His idea is to make simple brackets which can be attached to the wall and will support any kind of box or drawer you happen to find. So if you are bored of Ikea shelving (yeah yeah, aren’t we all!) here is a way to add a little variety to your storage systems. Your odd socks will feel right at home in your odd drawers. ::Droog ::Zwickers ::Curro Claret [Leonora & Petz]