Not Enlightened by CFLs in Cathedrals (Photos)

treehugger ugly cfl seville photo

Photo: Petz Scholtus

On a recent trip to the south of Spain, I visited the beautiful Cathedral of Seville, amongst the largest of all medieval and Gothic cathedrals, in terms of both area and volume. According to Wikipedia, the interior is the longest nave in Spain, and is lavishly decorated, with a large quantity of gold evident. Also evident are the CFLs propped upon time-honoured lighting fixtures...

seville ugly cfl photo

Photo: Petz Scholtus

Needless to say that this hurts the eye, no matter how energy efficient the lighting has become. I wondered around the cool cathedral thinking who decided to place such truly ugly and out-of-place CFLs into an interior as serene as this. And what are the other options? Of course we don't want to (and can't since they are now banned in the EU) go back to the incandescent light bulb or candles for that matter, but surely with a little effort a much better fitting bulb can be found.

ugly cfl seville cathedral photo

Photo: Petz Scholtus
Plumen has proven that the market is ready for weirdly shaped light bulbs and might even be able to come up with a church-version. Michael's reviews about LED bulbs can help to find the right one, even for cathedrals. This call goes out to all interior and product designers out there... any energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions for gothic interiors? And of course they should be easy to implement, without having to invest into a whole new lighting system...

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