Nine Stories Makes Furniture From Car Panels

nine stories metal furniture photo

In this era where clunkers may be collected and SUVs may go straight off lease to the scrap yards, Furniture designers and manufacturers Nine Stories may be on to something: they make furniture out of car panels. "we are exploring the vast landscape of the american salvage yard to collect textures and colors that ony years of sun and rain can create."

Terrific slide show of how they work below the fold.

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"Each roof and panel is chosen for its unique character, and carefully removed from the unused substructure in such a way as to preserve the original factory finish. Over 70% of each piece in the series is made up of this otherwise wasted material, so it is both for the obvious environmental benefits as well as for aesthetic reasons, that we find the process of "reclaiming" at the center of this new body of work." ::Nine Stories via ::Haute Nature

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