Newspaper Upcycled Into Wallpaper From Weitzner Limited

Photos: Weitzner Limited

From papier mache beads to your own homemade kitty litter, there's reams of clever ways to reuse that huge pile of old newspapers, but what about wallpaper? "Newsworthy" is this upcycled newspaper wallcovering from New York-based company Weitzner Limited - made from 100 percent recycled newsprint.


According their website:

Using an age-old technology of upcycling old newspapers, 100% real newsprint strips are handwoven on a loom and then paperbacked to make Newsworthy suitable for the wall. A wonderful, tactile alternative to an expected grasscloth.

Some of Weiztner Limited's other wallcover offerings include one that features bark from a South American fig tree that is harvested in concert with local villages, who use the wood for building their schools and replant the trees immediately afterward.

Taking a look at the promotional video on Weiztner's website of how commercial wallpaper is made, it appears to be a pretty industrially-intensive process, but nevertheless, it's a nifty way to transfrom a flat material into something textural and could be inspiring to some enterprising DIYers out there.

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