Newspaper Extendable Bench by Charles Kaisin


TreeHugger is always wary of "recycled" product designs; many of them seem to be more recycled than designed. Happily, there are more and more examples of the synthesis of recycling and design every day, even when it comes to the odd-sounding pairing of "recycled paper" and "furniture" (see Mareike Gast's Flower Chair, made from recycled magazines, Jason Iftakhar's recycled cardboard bench and the work of the Cardboard Chair Company for more examples). The Newspaper Extendable Bench, designed by Charles Kaisin, is the latest product we've found. Using recycled newspaper, the bench folds like an accordian, making it both "extendable" and collapsable for easy reconfiguration, storage or moving. The designer says it's surprisingly sturdy, claiming it has the strength of wood. We haven't tried it out, but are glad to see the life of newspaper extended beyond today's headlines. ::Yanko Design via ::design*sponge