New LED "Light Engine" Produces Warm White Illumination


Lamina Ceramics recently launched a new product line called Titan, which features a LED "light engine" which produces the same warm, pleasing light associated with incandescents and compact fluorescents. These low-profile, ultra-bright light engines were recently introduced at the Lightfair International trade show.

At greater than 1,200 lumens, the Titan daylight white model is competitive with compact fluorescent bulbs – although Titan's 60-degree projection angle eliminates the need for the reflectors required in fluorescent applications. Titan white, at 4700K, is ideal for architectural and office lighting applications, task lamps, machine vision and high-powered flashlights.

Boasting an 800 lumen output, the Titan RGB LED light engine produces any of 16 million saturated and blended colors (including white with variable color temperature) from a single point source. Applications for the Titan RGB include 360-degree moving heads and projector lamps for stage and theater lighting.

:: Lamina Ceramics