New from Perch!: Same Great Aesthetic, Now with Added Colors


Designer Amy Adams has been hard at work since we first featured her work at Perch! way back in 2004. In preparation for exhibition at this year's ICFF, she expanded her line to include some fun ceramic lights. Like everything else at Perch!, the new work is simple, beautiful and functional; the "Zooey" lights (above) are based on simple shapes, bold graphics and colors, and were designed with the use of compact fluorescent bulbs in mind. We've always been impressed with the clean modernity of Adams' work; the addition of a splash of color really makes the new pieces pop. As with all of the ceramics available from Perch!, Zooey is created locally to the Brooklyn-based designer, with low-fire earthenware and finished with a non-toxic glaze. After the jump: more fab new pieces. ::Perch!


The "Walker" light: great lines, more colors.


"Chloe" (left) and "Julius" right add a little texture to the fun, funky vases.


"Hobnob", also available with some added decoration, is perfect for toothbrushes, pencils, whatever.

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