New Cold Cathode Bulbs Can Be Dimmed, Switched


Until recently, cold cathodes lights were only used in recess lighting and niche applications. But now conventionally-sized bulbs are becoming available. So what is a cold cathode? In most fluorescent bulbs, a cathode is heated to produce light, but with cold cathodes the cathode operates at the ambient room temperature (see tech details here). The bulbs offer several advantages: they have a very long lamp life, they're dimmable, and they can used in situations where the bulb is turned off and on frequently (even in flashing signs). The online store 1000 Bulbs sells 8 Watt bulbs that produce 320 lumens. They are "wet rated", meaning they can be exposed to the elements, and they are able to be used on a dimming circuit. Bulbman and 1000 Bulbs also sell a range of cold cathodes.