Never leave the office when you have Steven M. Johnson's Office Sleeper

Office sleeper
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There has been a lot of discussion recently about people sleeping at the office; on Alternet, Terry K. describes living at his office for over a year. His bank account grew and his work performance improved. On Fast Company, they show a sleeping pod designed for a school but that could be used in an office. Adele Peters describes how "Employees at Google already informally compete to see how long someone can live at the office, using company showers, food, and sleeping pods (the record is supposedly around two years)"

The problem with the Sleeping Pod designed by Mehrdad Yazdani is that they take up a lot of space, which is expensive in office buildings. Back in 1991 Steven M. Johnson looked at the problem and designed Office Sleepers. He described it:

Distinctions between work and home life blur as corporations adopt round-the-clock shifts to keep up with global competition. In many industries, workers were asked to sleep inside soundproof spaces under desks or in office sleepers that have a bed, change room sink, toilet and closet.

It's quite clever, actually, with a tiny bathroom and a ladder up to a loft over the work space. The design might work well in a tiny loft as well, packing a lot into a very small space. Always ahead of the curve, that Steven Johnson.

Never leave the office when you have Steven M. Johnson's Office Sleeper
Work/life balance is over-rated anyway.

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