Nest: Modern Kid-Friendly Furniture


After becoming frustrated at the lack of options for safe and stylish children's furnishings, Will and Laura Wear decided to take matters into their own hands. The result of their enterprise is Nest, a line of children's products made with sustainability in mind. By focusing on design that incorporates "organic cotton, curved plywood, water-borne finishes, and recycled materials," Nest is able to create fun, modern, and eco-friendly furnishings. Because the Wears are parents themselves, safety was also of great importance to the Nest line. Deconstructing the concept of current mainstream design for kids has allowed Nest to make simple, yet clever design changes in order to improve the safety of their products. These changes include replacing the bulkiness of wood with organic cotton and doing away with the traditional concept of hinges, which can often pinch kid's fingers in favor of what they call the "X-frame" (which not only makes the furniture safer, but better looking too). What we really love about Nest, though, is the emphasis on fun, modern design in everything they make, something seldom seen in children's furnishings. Take, for instance, the Jax Toy Box (see above - middle). By reworking the classic idea of a toy box, Nest is able to create a multi-functional piece of furniture that is minimal, safe, sustainable, and easy on the eyes. The
Nest Seat, another cool example of Nest's modern design ethos,
(also above - right) uses organic cotton wrapped around a cushion made of recycled foam scraps to create a comfy pint-sized chair. These and all of Nest's products prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability, you don't have to sacrifice sustainability for style, and you don't have to buy tacky children's furniture. ::Nest