Natural Wool Fishermen-Knots Knittings, by Tribalia


These delicate carpets and knittings are from 100% natural sheep and llama wool from Río Negro province (Argentinean Patagonia), spun under Inca techniques by fishermen in Rosario (Santa Fe province, Argentina) and dyed with natural substances such as yerba mate and flowers. All, under the supervision of an agronomy engineer. The project was started by entrepreneur Martín Maestri and is sold through a design study in Milan, Italy. The cool designs with different kind of knots come from the influence of a group of fishermen he works with, who were taught indigenous traditions. This project now employs seven people directly and 70 indirectly (as it counts with a network of providers in several provinces in the North and South of Argentina), and it allowed fishermen from Parana River to have a new work possibility. ::Tribalia