Natural Latex Bedding from North Star

While researching something entirely different, we came across a reference to ‘organic latex’ bedding and went Huh? We dug deeper. Our search for more information saw us wash up at North Star. They weren’t claiming organic latex but did offer one of the better clarifications we could find on the process. It looks like ‘natural’ latex is more truthful* to say than ‘organic’. Basically latex is a foam made by ‘tapping’ the milky sap, or serum, of the ‘Hevea brasiliensis’ rubber tree (see also Treetap). The serum is then whipped into a milkshake type mixture by a couple of differing techniques, before it is poured over a mould. These can resemble a bed of nails. The frothed rubber, full of air bubbles, then sets and viola!, a fat ...... spongy foam sheet results. Originally rubber trees were found in Brazil but now they have spread around the Equator with North Star sourcing their latex from west Africa and India. Around an inner core of this natural foam, they wrap organic wool fibre, quilted to an organic cotton fabric outer and contract the craftsperson skills of Amish families, in Ohio, to build the beds for them. If only more companies were as transparent about their materials and sourcing as North Star. ::North Star Beds

(*It may be that certified 'organic latex' does exist — we’re still looking.)