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Muu, new to the world of children's furnishings, is launching its kids furniture line that is both customizable and modifiable - the Sam Collection. The pieces are beautifully built and sturdy. Best part - each of the pieces are designed to change as your child gets older to provide a new function and continued use. Then when you have your next child, simply convert the furniture to its original form and, voila, you're ready to go. No need for new furniture.

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Crib, nightstand, dresser, storage unit, twin bed and toddler bed. Each of these pieces are available and can be morphed into other pieces at a later date should you need "new" furniture. Each of the pieces has a simple, but very cute, design which can be customized so each child gets the symbol or theme that matches their character to adorn their crib. Actually, you can get a wide variety of adornments, from your child's name, to spring images, vehicles, cowboys, even dj's and rockbands (for when your child is older).

Where does the name 'Muu' come from?

Founder Robert Kwak based it on the zen belief that there is no difference between us and our environment. Each of the pieces are made in the US by woodworkers and craftsmen using locally-sourced wood from certified sustainable sources and recycled wood fiber MDF (formaldehyde-free) and are coated with non-toxic lacquer. The Sam Collection is named for his grandfather, who was a designer of children's toys.

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While we applaud them for their commitment to providing long-lasting, well-built furniture - making pieces timeless so you don't have to buy new each year - children's furniture only lasts a few years, unlike adult furniture that if well-built can last decades. So, in order to get the biggest bang for your buck, and the Muu furniture doesn't come cheap, you'll need to make sure you're done with little children before you give it away (or sell it on craiglist) to get the most use out of it. While you can convert the crib into a bed, there are only so many years that your child will be able to fit in it. Muu makes a twin bed, so once your first child needs their own bed, you can upgrade and, if they don't grow too tall, keep the bed through the teenage years.

The Sam Crib retails for $1,375 USD, and $225 for conversion kit. The Sam Dresser retails for $1,275 USD and $175 for the changing tray. The Muu Panel System allows you to convert furniture into hundreds of different uses and retails for $80-135 USD. Muu for Kids can be found online at Muu Kids or in boutiques in CA, NV, IL, WI

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