Mr Luna's Bright Idea Looks Set To Illuminate Schools with CFLs Across America.


Mr Luna has one simple but impressive ambition. That is to help fight global warming by providing every child in America with a compact fluorescent light bulb to plug into their favourite lamp. The challenge is how to spread the word. There is a Bright Idea blog, recently featured in TH Blog Love, which is reaching out to people. But if Mr Luna wants to reach every child in America then he needs some extra helping hands. He has already enlisted all his students in North Babylon, New York and he has very smartly chosen Oprah Winfrey as his disseminator of choice to help with the Bright Idea campaign. However Oprah is proving one tough lady to impress and Mr Luna has yet to convince Oprah’s ‘people’ that giving children CFL bulbs is worthy enough cause for them to commit to. They have said that they will see what they can do to help, so Oprah’s attention has been piqued, but there needs to be an extra enthusiastic push to get her to commit. As a science teacher himself Ken Luna is appealing to all other science teachers across the States to get involved with his Bright Idea campaign. So far he has reached about 3.5 million people and believes that he can go much further if all schools and local communities are encouraged to get involved. Read more about Mr Luna’s Bright Idea on Steve Spangler’s website and listen to his podcast interview with Ken Luna. :: Mr Luna’s Bright Idea