More Stylish Recycled Homewares

Called the 'Confetti Paper Collection', this series of bowls, picture frames, boxes and vases is created from recycled magazines and newspapers. A Californian group, Roost, works directly with Vietnamese craftspeople to give the pieces a contemporary edge. The recycled newsprint used is Vietnamese, giving the work a more exotic feel because bits of the words are recognisable. The colours--hot pinks and oranges--are alternated with white newsprint to produce a striped effect. The craftsmen are using traditional bamboo weaving techniques so the pieces are quite sturdy. The vases have a resin lining making them watertight. Interestingly, these pieces are similar to Brazilian picture frames noted in Treehugger last year. They both make use of similar weaving techniques, however the Roost frames have a more sophisticated, sleek designer look to them. :: Roost Via :: Paul Smith