More Stupid Tricks With LEDs, Furniture Department

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LEDs are wonderful things; they are energy efficient and flexible, and creating new opportunities for designers. But just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Just because you can trick out your sofas like a Honda on the Fast and the Furious, doesn't make it a good idea. It is still wasting energy.

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Apartment Therapy
liked this stuff from Urban Underglow, writing:
We are surprised at how this looks. It makes us believe that if it's tastefully done, undercarriage lighting can really be effective and beautiful.

I am not so sure, although I do like playing on their website.

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Other stuff we have seen is a bit more questionable, like the Louis Dixmil collection designed by Philippe Boulet

LEDs designers interiors lighting bed photo

But hey, it's luminotheraputic, and you can "Lower the luminous intensity and uncouple the light from the bedhead and the footboard for an intimist atmosphere." More at Ladies Gadgets.

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Clive Christian builds some of the most expensive and over-the-top kitchens and interiors in the world, nice if you like that kind of stuff, but this is just cheesy and awful.

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Lee Broom
is, I think, being playful. He is an artist, and these are on show called the Revivalists at the Museum of Contemporary Applied Arts in London.

LEDs designers interiors lighting broom chair photo

Talk about a hot seat. Found at Designboom.


But ultimately I expect to see a lot more of this kind of thing, LEDs built into cheesy furniture of all kinds, illuminating the dust bunnies below. This lovely thing was put together by a UK supplier of LED strips, Lightwave.

Turn down your sound before you watch this lovely chair change colours before your very eyes.

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