More on The Benefits of Standing Desks (And How To Build One On The Cheap)

marcoarment standing desk photo

Image Credit Marco Ament, Creative Commons
CalorieLab shows us the best standing desk ever, Marco Ament's version made out of Coke cans.

While they warn that standing too much can cause varicose veins, author Marissa Brassfield concludes that "Medical research supports the health benefits of using standing desks rather than traditional desks."

Being CalorieLab, they count the calories for both standing and treadmill desks.

Can You Lose Weight Using a Standing Desk?

Potentially. More accurately, you won't gain the 2 to 3 pounds a year you would have gained by sitting at your desk, since standing burns more calories than sitting. If you up the ante by adding a treadmill to your standing desk setup and walking at a pace of 1 mph while working, you could burn up to 100 calories an hour. Sustain that pace for 7 hours and you'll walk off the caloric equivalent of a pound each five-day workweek.

More at CalorieLab, including a roundup of standing desks.

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